Beginning of the 1990th I did develop and publish (through partner) under the label "Raindorf Soft" together with Harald Schönfeld a couple of programs for the ATARI ST computer line:

  • Route It! - PCB layout
  • Circu It! - Circuit design
  • WinRec - Audio Recording
  • WinCut - Audio Editor

There are still traces of these programs in the internet:


Test RouteIt and CircuIt (ST Magazin 1992)

Test WinRec and WinCut (ST Magazin 1994)



VM Labs

1998 - 2002

Not really a "project" but my time as an employee at the start-up VM Labs in Silicon Valley (California, USA).




since 2018

Visual - Control and visualize your SmartHome!


since 2019

Small iOS App to manage leased cars (km-Leasing)



2009 - 2017

SmartHome App for the iPhone of the first hour. Later also as iPad and Apple Watch App. CasaRemote was retired in late 2017 ... More details on the history of CasaRemote can be found here.


For some time I planned to make some of my code snippet from many years of hobby programming available as Open Source to the public. 2019 I finally did it. A start is made...


EMIL - Tiny scripting language embeddable in any Swift project

TinyJSONPath - Tiny JSONPath like implementation in Swift